Do You Love Ken Burns?

While we document the way Ken Burns has influenced our lives, we would also like to start compiling stories about the way Ken Burns has changed YOUR lives. We would love it if you could send us your story about The Ken Burns Effect in your life!

Please share your stories as comments below, or email us at!

One thought on “Do You Love Ken Burns?

  1. What I love about Ken Burns – other than his awesome last name and retro-chic bowl cut – is that he crafts uniquely American stories.

    I don’t mean this in a nationalistic way: Ken Burns’ films don’t shy away from America’s painful legacies of sexism, racism, and classism. Ken’s films highlight the people who have challenged those societal and political structures, and allows his viewers to admire and relate to the humanized “heroes” who have altered the course of American history.

    While addressing the names we know from history books – Lewis and Clark, Sacajawea, Abraham Lincoln, Jack Johnson – Ken also gives weight to the stories of every day men and women, reminding us that there are real people behind the sweeping societal changes and tragic upheaval of war.

    From pioneering suffragettes who are household names (Susan B. Anthony) to an anonymous Civil War soldier writing a poignant letter home (Sullivan Ballou –, Ken Burns’ films re-tell the stories of individuals in a way that illuminates our shared history.

    I sometimes fear that story-telling, in this era of Jersey Shore and Real Housewives, is becoming a lost art. But to someone who can hold a 27-year-old’s attention with a 12-hour long PBS documentary, I say: Well-played, sir. The world needs more films about epic journeys, larger-than-life heroes, and the great lengths Americans will go to for booze. Plus, judging from the five minutes I met him my freshman year of college, Ken Burns is a really nice guy.

    Also, PBS rules.

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